The charm of SpaceGlass

Space glass attraction

Mysterious Planets

Synthetic Opal is put in SpaceGlass in the image of a planet somewhere.
Each of the three types of opal used in it below changes the color in various ways depending on how the way the light hits.

Black Opal

Shines in "Red", "Green", and "Rainbow".

White Opal

Shines in "Pink", "Green", and "Blue".

Crystal Opal

Shines in "Blue" or "Green".

Also it may or may not be visible depending
on the angle of light.

Glittering Distant Stars

Air bubbles are put in it in the image of distant stars.
The bubbles are shined according to the angle of light, as shown in the video below.

Colorful Lines

The colorful lines of blue, white, and green (spiral) are used in it in the image of the orbit of the planet.
This spiral is not colored and is drawn with only metal particles.
The image below is the same item, but it changes in hue depending on the background this much.

Background is Black
Background is White

The way of the appearance will be changed depending on how the light hits the top and the bottom.