A one-inch universe of wonders.

The universe stretches out before you into infinity in a vast array of nebula, galaxies and innumerous stars. Right in the center sits a beautiful planet. It's like a small, wonderful universe encapsulated in glass. Mysterious and delightful changes due to light and viewing angle mean you will never grow tired of gazing into this space.
A universe spreading out in the palm of your hand - Space Glass.

The charm of SpaceGlass

No two items are the same.

Each and every Space Glass is made lovingly by hand. Combining an array of glass, metals and crystals in multiple layers and applying heat with a burner, the resulting universe is always wonderfully unpredictable.
In other words, the Space Glass you hold in your hands is a totally unique, one and only 'universe' in our universe.

About SpaceGlass

Unlimited variations.

Here we present representative examples from the range of glass accessories, including Space Glass, that he has created to date.

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SpaceGlass is our registered trademark. U.S. registered trademark No. 7096675