A diverse range of materials.

Space Glass is made from a variety of metals and crystals. The planet floating in the middle, for example, is an opal which gives off a mysterious play of color. The swirling nebula which envelops it contains 24 carat gold, and silver. Containing all this in an ultra-hard glass shell enables you to wear this as an everyday accessory with no worries.

How to enjoy your Space Glass

Wear it.

Heat-resistant glass is a lightweight material, meaning that it is easy and comfortable to wear as an accessory. Great paired with the leather strap that it comes with, but also goes well with a chain of your choice. Try mixing and matching to suit your mood and situation.

View from different angles.

Space Glass is extremely expressive in its interactions with light opal and spiral patterned colorings transform, and air bubbles sparkle. Enjoy viewing your Space Glass from a variety of angles.

Photograph it.

Taking photographs of your Space Glass is definitely a must. Changes in lighting (fluorescent, incandescent, and LED lamps, natural lighting, etc) will produce a variety of effects. Upload your photos to a social network and you may just discover some new Space Glass enthusiasts.