Jul 29 / 2017

We were introduced by Hong Kong Phoenix TV!

We had television shooting for HongKong Phoenix Television end of June.
And when we received this offer, all the staff thought “Is that true??”.
The contents of the offer was a project that features five artists using glass and people who got interview were……
・ Designer Mark W. Newson who is also designing Apple Watch.
・ Tokujin Yoshioka,a designer who has been worldwide reputation for designer and he has been elected Newsweek magazine, “100 Japanese People the World Respects”.
・ Kuma Kengo, one of the Japan’s leading architects who designed the new national stadium in Japan.
・ Guennael Nicole who worlek designing a number of international brand stores including GINZA SIX.


・ Satoshi Tomizu who make the space glass.

To be honest,we can not believe it until it is in broadcast.
Actually we can not believe it even after being broadcast….

Since the broadcast on the TV July 27th and also it is video broadcasting now.

Please watch it!!!!
・ Satoshi Tomizu


The images of everyone else can be watched from the following.
· Mark Newson


· Tokujin Yoshioka


・kengo kuma


・ Guennael Nicole