Jul 20 / 2017

Satoshi Tomizu’s First book be on sale Today!

On July 20th, Space Glass photo collection book has been release!!

I think this would not have been possible without fans of space glass.
Thank you again.

Also everyone who involved in photo collection book.
I had many good experiences because we could made photo collection book together.
I ‘m really thankful to you.

Actually this book, it was finished it takes one year!

I felt the passion for space glass from editor and it would be a great work with her, I thought. and I accepted the publication offer a year ago.

The editor who is a big space glass fan, it is no longer a compromise and her enthusiasm conveyed to everyone who are photographers and designers also no longer a compromise.

A year has passed since It stuck on book.

I am sure that is important to make things are sticking to details.

Photo collection book that we stuck to , it would be great if many people could see our space glass.


Satoshi Tomizu


If you live outside of Japan, you can purchase from the following amazon.co.jp URL.