Satoshi Tomizu

Satoshi Tomizu
1980: Born in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
2008/May: Discovered heat-resistant glass accessories and began explorations in that field.
2015: Introduced in “Nikkei Design”
Awarded Grand Prize - J-WAVE “atelier nova DESIGN AWARD”
2016: Appears in Nippon TV “NEWS ZERO”, Fuji TV “Mezamashi TV” and participates in a wide range of events.

In the Media

2016/6 [TV] Introduced on “Mezamashi TV”

2016/6 [Magazine] Introduced in “TV Bros.”

2016/5 [Music Video] +α (PlusAlpha) Space Glass used in the music video for the “ninelie”, the new song from “Aimer with chelly (EGOIST)” which is the ending theme song for “KABANERI OF THE IRON FORTRESS”

2016/4 [Magazine] Introduced in April 2016 edition of “MONOQLO”

2016/3 [eBook] Introduced in “Weekly ASCII” (#1068)

2016/1 [Internet Media] Introduced on “MYLOHAS”

2016/1 [TV] Introduced on “NEWS ZERO”

2015/11 [Internet Media] Introduced on “RocketNews24”

2015/11 [Internet Media] Introduced on “nlab” by ITmedia

2015/11 [Internet Media] Introduced on “IRORIO”

2015/8 [Radio] Introduced on J-WAVE “atelier nova” (August 15)

2015/8 [Magazine] Introduced in “Nikkei Design” (August edition)

2015/7 [Magazine] Introduced in “Yomiuri Chukokusei Shimbun” (July 24 edition)